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New Graduate? Own Property Even Though You Owe Money With Crowdfunding

Posted by P. Bartash on Feb 22, 2018 5:15:19 PM

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Pop quiz...

Crowdfunding is (choose all that apply):

  1. The same thing as Kickstarter
  2. Not the same thing as Kickstarter
  3. Regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sounds formal!
  4. A Dutch word for sheep’s milk

You guessed it! The correct answer is e) sort of A and B, definitely C, and definitely not D (the Dutch word for sheep’s milk is schapenmelk). Now that you’re an expert, how will you explain equity crowdfunding to your friends? Why would they want to know about equity crowdfunding? Is it even possible to explain this in 30 seconds or less without sounding lame?  We can walk you through the basics, but the chill factor is up to you.

Bottom-line: equity crowdfunding for real estate is a new (and Federally regulated) way to invest a small amount of money in real, physical property.

Maybe it takes three months (or more) to save $500 – let’s look at the different ways people approach this challenge. Your smart friends are forcing themselves to put money into a savings account as often as they can (instead of spending it on something awesome…like food). The hard workers realize they can take on more hours and save money faster. Your even smarter friends are looking at their bank accounts and wondering if there are ways to potentially earn more money using the cash they’ve painstakingly saved.  If you’re feeling confident enough to take some risks and ready to learn more, start by heading to where you can get to know our team, access more information about our crowdfunded real estate program and invest.  As always, feel free to email us anytime. We read and respond to every human-generated email we receive.


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